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Planned litters
Since we don't have a litter with Piroschka we have planned to have 2 litters coming year.
The planned combinations are:
Bomber x Alka-Shan's Heartbeat (Harvey)
Siberian Adventure's Oeps x Alka-Shan's Heartbeat (Harvey).

Hoping that they have their period off heat on the right moment :-)

Piroschka not pregnant
Clarity we have ....
Piroschka is not pregnant.
It looks that initially it has picked up, but somewhere it went wrong.
She had about two weeks before the expected date of blends. These blends were smelly, brownish. Also, her appetite and her behavior changed.

Since this is the second time that she was empty, we will not use Piroschka again to breed.
So unfortunately no puppies this autumn.

Sunday the 14th, we decided that we have to take away Laser.
It was time to let here go, how regrettable. She didn't earned the misery she have had in here live.
About how and what, go to THE DOGS to IN MEMORIAM and click on LASER.

Pregnant or not?
Still three weeks to go .... Would Piroschka pregnant or not? We don't do a test at the vet. 1 because we want to save the dog a ride to the vet, 2 it will cost a bit..... With a test you would have an answer. Anyway, we look at the dog and her changes. The opinions are clearly divided on this! Usually I see it in a early stage, but now I'm still not sure. Bigger nipples: maybe, Thicker: maybe, Behavior: sure!, Appetite: sure! The comming time will learn if she is pregnant or not, we have to wait a little bit more. If you see the photo on her page from when she was pregnant with Thisson, where she almost exploded..... no doubt! If she is visibly pregnant i put the pictures on the news-page! So wait and see ...

Expected litter
We have done a breeding with Alka-Shan's Piroschka x Alka-Shan's Heart-Beat (Harvey). If it going ok this time, the puppies are expected around 15th of August. Exciting or what is it this time and not become like the latest cover of Iggy that she remained empty ...

Ofcourse they are born......
The puppies are at this moment almost 3 months old (young). Because we worked with an new lay-out for the website i couldn't work on the pages. Also not the news-page...
The birth went well. They are: 4 bitches and 1 male; Tani, Tanka, Thunder, Tareck en Timber-wolf. Soon there wil be on the page picture's an album from this lovley little doggies.

Fore sale / To be replaced
On the page for sale/replace we have on this moment 1 of the puppies from Preza x Otchum fore sale. For the rest we have 5 replace dogs (4 bitches and 1 male).

Why you Kayan?
Only 2 words: WHY GDI!
Dumb dear Kayan, Such a sweety, so mischievous with your jumps and weird noises. WHY YOU? You probably just went along..... You hopped from one kennel to another without any problems with anyone. Today you had to dig / c.q. Gucci has dug himself into another kennel and you just followed.....???? We will never know..... Sander has given everything he could to save jou! Just seemed like you was retrieved from the other side by the rapid actions of Sander and the vet. There was some life back, but home again did you go anyway.... There were no visible injuries, as far as we people could see inside, almost no damage to the exterior, but still you could not make it..... Goodbye cool / nice / sweet guy!!!!!

A few more days
Preza becomes quite thick. This picture is taken a week ago, now she is even thicker.... We think she does not make the full 63 days before the puppies come... From tomorrow we will put here in the inside kennel.

Around 4 march we expect puppies
Puppies from the combination Siberian Adventure's Preza x Siberian Adventure's Otchum. We are very curious about this very beautiful combination. This time we should have names with the letter T.