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For sale
Because we have on this moment to much dogs for our licence, we sell 3 of our puppies from Bomber x Harvey.
Totaly it are 7 pups (4 males, 2 bitches). We sell 1 male and 2 bitches. End of week 48 (around 4 dec.) they may move to their new home. For more information: 0046-702345630 or: info@siberianadventures.info

The male: Shadowand from the bithces there is 1 left: Shibi

Training sleddogs
Since 2 weeks we have started with training of the dogs. On this moment we train 3 teams of 14 dogs and 1 team of 13 dogs. The puppies from last year, the Q-litter, have had on a harnas just before training, and all of them, except Quindy, directly understood what the meaning was. The second day Quindy also understood... All the dogs, including the 4 new once (Tabaluga, Charlie, Apollo and Ares) are doing a good job. We have started with traning 4 km. and from tuesday we will go to 8 km.

New for this year is that we don't train any longer with the 4-wheeldrive (quad), but with an old Ford Fiesta, without engine, windows and doors. The 4-wheel became to be to dangerous and sitting on it was very bumpy, very bad for your back. The Ford is more heavy, but for the beginning to build on some muscles it is very good. We can see every day difference and they are doing better every day.

Puppies Bomber are born
This night Bomber has given birth to 7 puppies; 3 females and 4 males. At 4 o clock she started and at 8.20 the last one was born. They are black, black/grey and grey. The first puppie it was difficult, but this was an big guy. Number 6 was an little one and sliped out very easy. The names are: Siouxs, Socks, Shadow, Sitka for the males and for the females: Snowy, Shibi and ??? Skye/Star or Spok.

The males will stay with us, from the females there will leave 2 of them (a pity, whine whine). But on this moment we have already to much females...., so we have to sell. It will be 2 puppies or 2 adult females....
Our total amount of dogs incl. puppies is now 67. This are actually 7 to much, so we have to look about how we gona solve this...

The other expected litter hasn't worked. Piroschka is as empty as she can be, while still covered 5x (and Bomber just 1x). Piroschka as well as Iggy both have had with other partners already litters of 6 and 8.... So there you have it, you can make some plans, but nature still has his own ideas.

Another expected litter
We didn't want to put it earlier on the news site, because "she" was just with the male once and on the end of her heat, but now you can see it very good on her: around the 8 off october we expecting puppys from the combination: Bomber x Alka-Shan's Heartbeat, better known as Harvey.
Bomber had digged her self in in to the kennel of the males (she is the same as her grandma...) and Harvey have made grateful use of her. This combination was not planed, but when we look to the combination and the fact that the grandparents are a good combination, we have decided not to give Abira the morning after injection. First because it is not an good hormone and second because of the good combination.
Depening on the amount of puppys in both litters, we have to many dogs in our kennel (we may have 60 dogs says the licence). Because of this we should sell som puppys. BUT: only to active outdoor people!

Sleddog Trainingstour; 5 days
Do you need something else?
From the 1st of october we have the possibility during a stay of 5 day's att our farm to help with training the dogs before the winterseason starts.

During your stay you will learn everthing about this amazing and beautiful dogs and their maintenance. Depending on the weather we will use a 4-wheel drive/trainingscar or sledges. You help with feeding, putting them in the harnasss and the team, training and maintenance of materials.

More information: Autumn (www.siberianadventure.com)

Expected Litter
Around the 11th of october we expect puppies from the comination: Alka-Shan's Piroscka x Siberian Adenture's Iggy. Piroschka and Iggy have had before Siberian Adventure's Nitcha. And Piroscka has together with Speedog's Thison the puppies: Odin, Oemiak, Oeps, Opium, Otchum, & Owa.

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